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Numbness - Sharp Pain - headaches - BAd Balance

Back pain - Neck Pain - Shoulder Pain - Wrist pain

Hip pain - knee Pain - foot pain - Elbow pain

Dizziness - vertigo - Joint pain - fatigue

Bulging disc - Burning Pain - Aching

Scoliosis - difficulty walking

Vestibular problems

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Dr. Daniel Hanson

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Bad balance

Disc Pain

Neck Pain & Vestibular Imbalance

Back Pain & Immobility



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Vestibular problems

“I recently treated a patient with spinal, vestibular, cerebellar, brainstem, and cortical integration problems that developed after a traumatic whiplash injury. As you can see in the video, she was unable to stand with her feet together, eyes closed without falling back immediately and had no control of her balance when her eyes were closed. When there is trauma to the spine and neck, it can cause a disconnect between the muscle and joint receptors in the body and their input into the cerebellar, vestibular and cortical integration feedback loops. In her case, she manifested a deficit in her left posterior canal of her vestibular apparatus and the associated vestibular spinal reflex mechanism. The goal of treatment was to reintegrate communication of the neck and joint receptors with the cerebellar, vestibular and cortical feedback loops using functional neurological techniques and specific chiropractic neurology protocols.”

  • Dr Daniel Hanson D.C. D.A.C.N.B.

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Vestibular conditions

Bad Balance

Neck Pain 

Back Pain

Shoulder Pain 

Knee & Hip Pain

Joint Pain

Numbness & Tingling

Headaches & Migraines


Child Chiropractic Care

Healthy weight loss programs

Pinched Nerve

Cervicogenic vertigo & Headaches

Herniated Back

Bulging Disc Pain




Work Injury

Car Accident Injury

Sports Injury Treatment

post concussion treatment

Vestibular migraines

Whiplash Treatment

Ankle/Foot Injury

Carpal Tunnel

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