Dr. Daniel Hanson

D.C.  D.A.C.N.B. 

Dr. Hanson is one of only a few Board Certified Functional Neurologists in Washington State that focuses his expertise in chiropractic neurology. He has been in practice for 22 years and specializes in neurological, musculoskeletal and pain disorders without drugs or surgery. 

"If you are suffering from numbness, pain, or other symptoms that are debilitating, progressing and affecting your life negatively then I would value the opportunity to help you. I find it very rewarding to help people with these symptoms and functional neurological problems. I see this daily in practice and will do everything I can to help you improve your symptoms and life."



Redmond, WA Clinic

Christine McKay


Christine McKay is a highly experienced therapist performing massage therapy for over 17 years. Her expertise is therapeutic and deep tissue massage. She practices in Washington State and has been practicing in our Redmond office for many years now.

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