Auto & Work Accidents


Auto Accident Injury

Dr. Hanson and his team understand the painful and sometimes tragic nature of automobile collisions. He and his team work with you to tailor a recovery schedule, including chiropractic treatment and massage, getting you back to living your best life. 


Long Term Accident Consequences

Long term injuries sustained from an auto accident or work injury can contribute to accelerated arthritic development as well as chronic pain syndrome, and severe headaches. Dr Hanson's experience in this field during his over twenty one years of practice equip him to help you recover  from past injuries.


Work Injury

Hanson Chiropractic Neurology & Massage works closely with L&I to help you heal from unintended accidents and injuries while performing on the job. We will take you through a week to week process, monitoring your progress, and helping you get back to your work life.